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Sugar free celebrations Publication: The Statesman,
Edition: New Delhi, Reporter: Pooja Makhija,
Published Dt.: 20 Oct 2011,
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Vidya so obedient, says Pooja Makhija
Publication: Sangbad Pratidin,
Edition: Kolkata, Reporter: Bureau,
Published Dt.: 28 Oct 2011,
Page No.: 3
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Bikini bootcamp
Publication: Hindustan Times,
Edition: Mumbai, Reporter: Rochelle Pinto,
Published Dt.: 21 Oct 2011,
Page No.: 8
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Food is not calories; food is nourishment: Celebrity Nutrionalist Pooja Makhija
Publication: Asian Age, Edition: Kolkata,
Reporter: Bureau, Published Dt.: 25 Oct 2011,
Page No.: 18
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