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Namneeta Barthakur, 35, Female

Lost 49.99kg; 110kg in June '13 — 61/62 kgskg in December '14

I am currently on maintenance plan with Pooja . This has been the best journey of my life. I almost took a person out of me in terms of size and what i gained , is focus , belief and magic of eating every two hours. I ate my way ..never hungry and easy to do. I traveled around the world and was able to fit in my meals , every single days no matter if i was in the United States, Thailand , Turkmenistan , or Timbaktoo !!!! Eat. Delete is a life style change. You love your food , and it helps you improve your skin , hair , and generically everything around you. So , just press the go button and no matter where you are , just kick start the ignition key , you will get to your amazing destination more so you will love this journey ! feeling full and nourished . Cheers to Pooja and her whole team at nourish ! Regards, Namneeta

KHYATI YADAV, 32, Female

Lost 11.5kg; Kilogkg in March '14 — Kilogramskg in

She is a magician. I have been able to lose 11.5 kgs in 3 months and the best part is I am not feeling weak, or hungry or malnourished. Infact I am feeling "NOURISHED". I had never thought I would be able to lose so much weight. Now I am confident that i will be able to lose remaining 19 kgs also.. love you Pooja and thanks for all the compliments that i receive from everyone : )

Rashmi Anand, 44, Female

Lost 13kg; 78kg in August '10 — 63kg in July '11

Loved the program as it helped me loose weight and also taught me to follow a healthy diet pattern. The program also helped to get my diabeties cholestrol and thyroid under control and guide my famy to eating healthy too. today my 16 year old daughter is also flowing the plan

Swapna Poddar, 38, Female

Lost 11kg; 73.7kg in — 62.4kg in

One of the best things that happened to me is to meet Pooja. On our first meeting I told her that I can't stay hungry and was surprised to hear her say that you need not, that my whole funda is you EAT TO DELETE. She gave me everything to eat that i liked and much more than I was eating before. She taught me to eat the right way and stay healthy. Thanks a lot Pooja.

Mallika Mahbubani, 55, Female

Lost 9.1kg; 62kg in December '12 — 52.1kg in October '13

Not only have I lost my excess weight, I have got my confidence & energy back. The secret of eating every two hourly has really helped. Thank you Pooja for teaching me the Art of Losing Weight with the well planned & easy to follow diets.

Prashant Jain, 27, Male

Lost 14kg; 87kg in April '13 — 73kg in September '13

This diet has changed the way I live. I am in the best shape of my life now and it gives me a feeling as if I have achieved my dreams. Everyone around me is inspired by me and I have even started consulting my friends and relatives on this. Thank you Pooja for changing my life. I wish there was something I could do to repay this blessing. I have already bought 6 copies of your books and gifted to friends :) Thank you soo much!

Deborah, 26, Female

Lost 9kg; 64 kgkg in April '12 — 55kgkg in December '12

a friend recommended your book to me, and afte having been on a truckload of crazy nonsensical diets (without lasting results) your book was like coming back to my senses! I feel so energetic, i respect my body, eat to nourish it.....and am enjoying the way i look. Thankyou for writing eat delete, it has forever changed my relationship with food, God bless you and keep up the good work!

Prof. Mrs. Veena K. Savant, 65, Female

Lost 8.4kg; 69.2kg in June '11 — 60.8kg in February '12

At the end of your ‘Lose Weight ley Healthy Eating’ journey with Pooja, you emerge a winner. It is not just the body weight that is lost, with it you shed your lazy and laid back attitude, your body we ache and laid back attitude, your body as he and joint pains, and you learn to maintain the weight loss. You are lighter, you feel younger, more agile your body language says it all! The mental faculties are more co-ordinate, lose body and mind are of your friends when they see the ‘New You ‘! The motto of ‘Nourish’ is ‘Love Food, Love Life”. Love Food…. The right kind of food. To the eaten at the right time, in the right quantity and in a right manner... and that indeed is the right way to love life.

Meenal Sinha, 39, Female

Lost 18kg; 72.5kg in December '09 — 54kg in June '11

I have managed to loose all my excess weight inspite of taking a break in the diet plan, thanks to Pooja. She has taught me how to stay healthy but never go hungry. In fact I have started eating much more ever since she put me on a diet. She shows you the right way of eating while not stopping you from eating any particular food. All my friends have been showering me with compliments and dying to get the magic wand. :)

Lavina Tauro, 33, Female

Lost 0kg; Kilogkg in November '11 — Kilogramskg in

I was 18 weeks expecting when I went to Pooja for my pregnancy diet, I wanted to be healthy during my pregnancy. Pooja's trimester specific diets really helped me achieve this. I was complimented right till my 39th week when I delivered my bundle of joy, my son, that I looked fit, I am active, I was glowing and looking fresh! My husband was so inspired that he decided to consult Pooja himself. She insisted I walked everyday and literally led by example. I walked the previous evening and had a normal delivery the next morning! Life has changed as I knew it and thanks to Pooja I am a happier new mum knowing well that I ate right through out which helped my baby and me. Here's looking forward to getting fit now, so Pooja see you 6 weeeks hence. XOXO

Sujoy Mani, 16, Male

Lost 16kg; 85kg in November '11 — 69kg in April '12

Meeting you inspired me immensely to lose weight . Your diet was quite easy to follow and removed my junk craving. I ate healthy and felt healthy . I am happy that my skin is much better now and i feel much more fit and confident.its surprising that first my parents used to stop me from eating and now they force me to eat more (But healthy)thanxx a ton

Karuna Watwani, 37, Female

Pooja your diets always work for me! Love the fact that you give me all that I want to eat without cutting out the carbs. Just the waiting for an hour or more wears me out! Thanx!

Paranita Sarkar, Female

This is about my 10 month journey with Pooja Makhija. I never came to lose weight but to have healthy eating habits and a healthy living pattern which I have achieved brilliantly. Pooja silently teaches you to look after yourself by your own, a learning which will remain LIFELONG!

Neeta Gandhi, 48, Female

Lost 12kg; Kilogkg in — Kilogramskg in

I saw my friend Sejal Mehta losing weight while eating everything given by you in her diet that inspired me to come and see you and I all I can say is I have lost all the weight I wanted to and my health has improved a lot.

Suchita Kharwadkar, 47, Female

Thanks Pooja such an easy and manageable program never knew that regular 2 hourly eating can do such wonders!

Gauri Pradhan, 32, Female

I am super excited today as my diet program with Pooja has come to an end because I have achieved my target weight. I delivered twins 13 months ago and in just 5 months I have lost it all! The diet is so flexible and easy to follow-with no medications and no treatments of any kind!

Dr. Asha Kumar, 57, Female

This is the easiest way to lose weight! I ate and ate and felt so full that I thought I'd put on weight but I only LOST weight! I must admit this is a lifestyle change! Thank you Pooja!

Sanjay Lulla, Male

Lost 18kg; 100.7kg in October '10 — 82.2kg in October '11

Excellent weight loss program. Very easy to follow. I was given more to eat than I ate before I began the diet.

Monica(Japan), Female

Lost 23kg in 5 months

Pooja makes you eat and loose weight. I had a baby and in 5 months I lost 23kg. When I saw her diet I told her you have given me so much food I will never lose weight but to my surprise I lost SO much weight. Pooja is simply the BEST!

Farzana Fazelbhoy, 52, Female

Lost 33kg; 114kg in September '08 — 81kg in January '09

I have always been fighting the "the battle of the bulge" using tactics from eating very little to exercising like crazy. Thanks to Pooja I have learnt a healthy lifestyle-one which is easily managed. I did not have to give up eating anything-I ate my regular food but with a system!

Rajesh Sahjwani, 36, Male

Lost 40kg; 109.5kg in June '08 — 69.7kg in June '09

Weight loss had always been an illusion for me but Pooja made it happen. The most important part about the diet is that it makes you lose fat and not muscle. This has been a great program-practical, easy and result oriented.

Kumar Shahani, 55, Male

Lost 35kg; 178kg in June '06 — 143kg in January '09

The weight loss program has allowed me to buy readymade clothes which earlier was a dream. I thank Pooja Makhija and look forward to reaching my weight in double digits.

Amogh Raut, 24, Male

The right diet and correct exercise has helped me to regain my fitness. Now fitness has become my new religion thanks to Pooja Makhija's diet plan. The best part about the program is that it makes me feel stronger by eating properly.